Industrial Line for soft bread proofed and baked in tins or pans. Typical line for baking sliced or toast bread with high capacity and high repeatable quality of final product.


Our Industrial Line for soft bread proofed and baked in tins or pans is typically designed with a multi-level Traveling Carrier proofer or a Step Tower proofer and a Mesh Belt tunnel oven, system of conveyors for loading and unloading, Pick and Place Depanner.

A tins/trays/boards storage can be added in case of different types of tins are used.

Lidder, unlidder and lids storage can be added in case of products baked with lids.

Every project is custom-made and meets the specific customer requirements in terms of volume, space and technology. Our aims are repeatable final product quality, high output with no downtime and reasonable production flexibility on an industrial scale.


 Can exceed 4 tons/hour (depending on make-up line).

Main Products

Sliced Bread

Toast bread

Sandwich bread

  • High-capacity line: depending on make-up line can exceed 4 tons/hour.
  • Repeatable quality.
  • Investment fast pay-back time.
  • High automation and control of the process.
  • Working with recipes.
  • All parameters accessible from any position on the line.
  • Possibility to transfer data from our PLC/Panel to a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).
  • Reduced manpower: only supervision staff working on the line.