The Step Tower Proofer is a typical application for proofing dough on tins/trays or peelboards.


Product Consistency

Industrial Flexibility

Hygienic Design


The Step Tower Proofer can be designed with a series of independent towers, it’s compact and with a reduced footprint, it allows a maximum proofing time flexibility without the need of external trays/boards storage.

MAIN ProductS

Tin bread



Rustic Bread


Buns and rolls



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All our proofers are built on demand in order to get the highest output with the highest repeatability within the available space.

  • Full stainless-steel structure and stainless-steel components inside the proofing chamber.
  • Normally has the classic box shape and cannot be positioned over the oven.
  • Its shape allows it to be more compact and with reduced footprint. 
  • Includes a sequence of independent towers. The number of ascending-descending towers depending on the size of the proofer. The towers can be bypassed for different proofing times. 
  • No need of external trays/boards storage as the towers that are not used can be used as storage. 
  • Independent insulation box made of sandwich type panels with stainless steel faces. The box is equipped with “cold room” doors with access at ground floor and overhead.
  • The AIR conditioning unit is located on a platform at one side of the proofing box, which is accessible by means of a stairway.

All our proofers are designed to guarantee production flexibility on an industrial scale and allow even and controlled proofing.

  • Inside the insulated proofing box slow speed air with set humidity and temperature is conveyed from both sides across the whole height of the box, the air travels from the sides to the center of the box enclosing (engulfing) the dough before being extracted from the top.
  • Setting of air temperature, humidity and volume is done thru the operating panel.  

All our proofers are designed and built inhouse to guarantee a sturdy and reliable construction.

  • The Tins/trays or peelboards are held on both sides by stainless steel holders, the holders raise one step at a time until the tower is filled, on top of the tower a motorized chain conveyor with pegs shifts the trays to the next tower.
  • It can work only with one size of tins/trays/peelboards.
  • We have developed special tailored dough carrier boards with width up to 4 meters in order to better exploit the width of the line and reducing the length.
  • Gearmotor with reducer coupled with a second reducer connected with a shaft, or double gearmotor application for higher capacity.
  • System is with brakes normally closed.
  • Each Tower has an independent drive.
  • The gearmotors transmit the motion to 2 cross shafts on which a series of sprockets are connected, the sprockets move the chain on which the holders are bolted.
  • The movement is intermittent: 1 level of holders at a time.
  • The air conditioning unit is programmable by control panel, our PID software will manage set temperature and humidity by controlling the process inside the condition box.
  • Temperature and humidity are measured by a probe to compare the SET against the IS and adjusted consequently.

All our proofers respect the highest safety standards and have easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Accessibility for maintenance and cleaning at ground floor and at overhead floor thru doors and side corridors.
  • Top floor can be reached thru a stairway with access doors “cold room“ type on both sides.
  • Neon lighting system along the side aisles inside the proofing box.
  • Air distribution sleeves made of antibacterial inflatable fabric are used inside the proofer, they can be easily removed and washed. Stainless Steel channels can be supplied as option
  • To avoid accumulation of dirt between the proofer’s structure and the isolation panels, there is an open space between them.

All our proofers have a high degree of automation, scalable in order to optimize process, the energy consumption and the safety.

  • In-house control software
  • High level of automation: from the operator panel the supervisor can manage the whole proofing process (setting specific recipes, proofing time, temperature, humidity historical trends of process parameters, alarms management, preventive maintenance management, …)
  • Air conditioning unit accessible by control panel: our software will manage actual temperature and humidity according to set parameters.
  • Various sensors and safety devices: sensors for positioning of trays at infeed and outfeed, safety sensors for the positioning of the pegs on the shifting conveyor and safety sensors on top and between the towers to avoid trays misplacement, spring loaded stop sensor for excess vertical pressure on unloading conveyor, etc.

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