Machines for line integration and conveying

Besides proofing, forming and baking we can integrate the baking line with forming machines and conveying systems to provide a Turnkey Project from start to finish.

High productivity divider rounder 8 rows with capacity up to 24.000 pieces per hour and weight range from 28 to 250 grams.


Is indicated to be positioned in front of the Alitech Variety Industrial Rolline to produce buns, kaisers, rolls, etc. or be put in front of an Alitech automatic pressed pizza line.


New design to include industry cutting edge technical solutions. 



Automatic scoring machine, programmable, with rotating blades that are individually actuated by electrical motors.

  • The rotating blades are aligned on a support (cutting head) which moves horizontally on a Cartesian plane through motorized guides and vertically by means of an electro-cylinder.
  • All movements can be set from an HMI panel.
  • The machine can have multiple heads depending on the requested capacity.
  • Each single rotating blade has 3 regulations: angle in respect to the horizontal plane, angle in respect to the vertical plane, distance (pitch) from the next blade.
  • It is possible to automatically program the machine according to the set recipe which includes the parameters above, the score patterns and the speed.

Pick and place lidders and unlidders.

  • Works with Cartesian guides.
  • Picking head with magnets or pneumatic hooks.
  • Can be with 2 heads working together one besides the other for high-speed lines.

Pick and place bread depanner with suction cups.

  • Fast change of depanning heads according to different products requirements.
  • Depanning pressure on the head can be remotely adjustable.
  • Can be with 2 heads working together one besides the other for high-speed lines.
  • Works with Cartesian guides of with robot arm.

Inline Storage Units with elevating towers.

  • Works with LIFO logic.
  • Possibility to have parallel systems with independent towers besides each other to allow automatic trays format changes when changing production.

Loaders/unloaders units for proofers and ovens.

  • Bar loaders that load tray or tins with fast cycle mode.
  • Combination oven loaders/unloaders for combination hearth bake and trays lines.

Dough stripping oven loaders for hearth baked bread or combination oven loaders / unloaders for combination hearth bake and trays lines.

  • Different types of reciprocating belts up to 4 mt width.
  • Single reciprocating belt or double belt for continuous loading while reciprocating.