Pizza press machine for American style or classic thin pizza.


For American style pizza the dough balls are pressed, proofed and baked into baking pans. The baking is soft (few minutes at moderate temperature), and typically takes place in an indirect fired oven.


For Italian style pizza the dough is fermented few hours and after division and rounding is proofed. After proofing, the dough is hot pressed into the final shape on a heat resistant belt, without using pans. The pizza is then fast baked in a  high temperature stone oven.

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American Style Pizza

Classic Italian Style Pizza


  • The dough can be pressed on a metal tray or plate or directly on a Teflon belt
  • The press can mount different sizes of dies in order to optain different sizes and desired rims.
  • The press heads are heated. The Teflon belt is also heated from below.
  • To optain higher outputs the Main press can be coupled with a Pre-Press that prepares the disk before the Main press in order to shorten the pressing cycle.
  • Main press can have individual pressing heads with linear motors.

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